4 Type of Essential SEO Tools for all Online Marketers

July 5, 2016

For competing with SEO, it is important to have SEO tools, that helps you in analyze, track, finding new opportunities, saving time and boosting you search engines ranking position.  Now a days having these SEO tools is not important for only for directors of digital marketing companies, digital marketing agencies but also important for individual as well. Even if you are running a single blog it is essential for you to have these SEO tools. We can divide SEO tools into 4 categories may be more but here we going to keep them into four categories.  We will discuss one by one. Let start!

  1. Keyword analysis tools

Without keywords you can nothing do. If you not select profitable keywords for your website you are not going to have more earning or benefit from your website.  Keywords guides to search engines about your website. So, if you not able to select best keywords for your website you are losing your potential customers. There are many keyword searching tools are in the market. But I like to use Long tail pro.  You can easily search profitable keywords using long tail pro. It is easy to use and user friendly. It is a paid tool. You can buy it for life time license.

You can also check keywords using Google adword. There is a tools called keyword planner in Google adword. You can use it for searching keywords.

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  1. Ranking tracking tools

It is important to know the current ranking position of your website in search engines.  In this way you can analyze your online marketing effort. If you seeing any improvement in your website ranking than you are doing things in right way, with the help of these tools you are saving your lot of time.  For tracking search engines ranking position you can use Ranke tracker.

  1. Link building tools

Link building tools are considered most important tools are every online marketer. Although Google does not like to build links but still link building is major factor in that use to calculate the ranking of a website.  These days many SEO tools are in the market helping you with building high quality back links for your website.  The most popular link building tools are GSA SER, Xrumer, SEnuke TNG, Scrape Box and many others.  These tools help you a lot in automating link building task. Mostly link building tools are paid. Some of them are expensive. Some tools give you trial. You can use them as a trail and if you think they are good then you can buy them.


  1. Link removal tools

Link removing is something I hope you will never go through. But it is required for those sites that are hit by Google penalty. Google use different algorithm to measure website ranking. In any case your site got penalty from Google than there is chance your website will lose ranking position in search engine. So, for recovering your website from this situation you mostly need to remove you bad links that build in past. You can use Google disavow tool for removing your bad links.